Learning To Walk Again After Hip Surgery

Walking is a gift that we don’t really think about until it is either taken away from us or if it is really difficult to accomplish.  As we get older, we may experience pain in our lower bodies where our hips lie.  This can be caused from years of use and abuse from running, exercise, physical sports or genetic issues such as brittle bones.  If you are suffering from any conditions with your hips, a total hip replacement in Mount Pleasant might be your only option left.

If you get a total hip replacement you are going to be working with strong materials that are artificial and take the place of your ball socket and joints.  These replacements don’t last forever however, so many people need to be in their elder years before a hip replacement is given.

Physical therapy

If you get a hip replacement know that you will need to go through a lot of physical therapy.  The more effort you put into your therapy at the start the easier it will be to advance and heal.  Many people will forego therapy because of the pain.  However, you have pain because you need to start working the joint and putting it into a position that will function properly. 

total hip replacement in Mount Pleasant


You will also need to watch your diet.  Many reasons for people not getting this surgery is because they are overweight.  If you are overweight you are at higher risk of infections and as such, many doctors will not perform the surgery.  Also, you need to watch your activity as well.  The more stress you put on the hip after surgery the shorter it will last.


You will also need to watch your medications.  When you get your surgery, you will be in pain.  You want to watch the pain killers that you are given.  If you start to rely on these, you can quickly become addicted causing you a world of other problems.